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The Dangerous Prom

Spring brings the prom. It’s the social event of the year for many young people. But hidden beneath all the fancy dresses and well groomed, tuxedo-clad men lies a dangerous truth. The prom is no place for a Christian. It’s an optional event that is fraught with danger. So much so that the term “prom babies” was coined by the students themselves who know that prom night is a time of relaxed morals.

A dear friend and former classmate of mine from Freed-Hardeman, Cindy Colley has written extensivly about the prom. Please read her latest post,Don’t Tag Me.” Cindy’s words ought to resonate with parents who attended the prom. Do we really think the prom is better than it was in our days? Read this with an open mind and seek the wisdom of God, not the ever-shifting thoughts of men.

By the way, Glenn Colley, Cindy’s husband, preaches at the West Huntsville Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama. He and I were also classmates and worked together at WFHC  radio many years ago.

Prom Talk

There was a time when the “prom” was limited to juniors and seniors in high school. Today it is not uncommon to find dances at almost all levels of schooling. There was also a time when preachers railed against the dangers of the prom but that has also since passed.

The prom is still dangerous and is to be avoided by those who would lead the Christian lifestyle. Ask almost any high schooler if they have heard about “prom babies” and I think you might be surprised.

[cref 41 Steve Higginbotham] has produced a fine article on the subject. I want to commend it to every parent and every young person. I have added Steve’s blog to my blogroll and hope you will visit it often. Thanks to Joey Sparks at Midway for mentioning this article in a note on his Facebook page.