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Abortion’s Hard Lies

abortion questionsAbortion is not a pleasant topic for anyone, especially for the women who think it solves their problems. Of course, it doesn’t and it often adds to their anxiety and grief. No one should suggest that abortion is an easy decision. I’m sure it is not. Nevertheless, abortion is a wrong decision that penalizes the most vulnerable among us for bad decisions we make.

Tom Trinko at American Thinker has a powerful, clear-headed post about abortion in light of the Irish abortion vote. I highly suggest you read it from top to bottom. Let me whet your appetite with a three of his quotes.

“Hence, when you hear all the rejoicing on the left that Ireland has decided to legalize abortion, you need to understand that leftists are cheering for the legalized killing of the most defenseless human beings in the world.” 


“…leftists believe that if it takes the killing of the innocent unborn human being to enable their sexually hedonistic lifestyles, then so be it.”

And one more to get you going:

“The left wasn’t able to convince many Americans to believe in its lies about abortion, which is why it had to be legalized by judicial fiat and propped up by a massive propaganda effort that ignores science and depends on lies and distortions.”

The Big Abortion Lie is well worth your time.

I fully expect I will be trolled for promoting his post. That’s fine. I’ll stand with life and you stand with death.


Another High Cost of Porn

no pornographyPornography is everywhere. It’s in advertisements for everything from automobiles to fast food. In fact, pornography is so common that many people have come to believe that there is no harm in it. However, pornography is extraordinarily damaging to society. Some experts believe that pornography may be one of the most prevalent mental health problems in America today. I’ll not bore you with a bunch of statistics, but it is clear that pornography affects most people you know.


Some of the effects of porn are obvious. Marital discord, self-esteem issues, and the objectification of women are commonly stated costs of pornography. For a few minutes let’s move away from the consumer of pornography and take a look at the producers of porn. Like the shady drug dealers who inhabit the corners of major American cities, purveyors of porn know that they have a powerful tool that brings them great income. Their cost of production is quite low. An inexpensive camera and a link to the Internet are all they need to begin making big money off of other people’s addictions.

But where do the porn models come from?

Are there really that many women willing to participate in sex in front of a camera just to make a few dollars? Probably not. We are beginning to learn that there is an especially dark side of pornography. An aspect of porn that is even viler than what we can see. You see, many pornography models are actually slaves. The Northwestern University Law Review in 2017 said it this way:

“the unfortunate reality of pornography production is that, often, the production of pornography is neither harmless nor consensual. Rather, pornography plays a unique role in fueling the human trafficking industry by both contributing to the demand for more traditional forms of sex trafficking and creating another route to profit for traffickers who enslave victims for the production of pornographic media.”

Read that middle line again, it says, “pornography plays a unique role in fueling the human trafficking industry…” Human trafficking is the 21st-century phrase for what the 19th century called slavery. Young women are effectively kidnapped by unscrupulous people and brought to this country where they are forced to participate in the production of pornography. Sometimes, these Third World women are promised a better way of life in America. And sometimes, they are brutally and violently kidnapped and forced to participate in despicable videos. To be sure, there are some women who participate freely and with a desire to make a few dollars and hopefully break into the entertainment industry. Among the problems associated with pornography, you cannot choose whether you are supporting women with free will or women who have been kidnapped from their homes.

The International Justice Mission works to rescue people from slavery. They work across the world to end slavery from forced labor in brick factories in India, fishing boats in Ghana, and from perverts who run porn sites on the internet. They say:

“Cybersex trafficking is a growing and devastating form of modern-day slavery. It involves the live sexual abuse of children streamed via the internet, set up by adults who receive online payments from predators and pedophiles located anywhere in the world. We have rescued children as young as 2 years old in the Philippines who have been sexually abused in their own homes, sometimes by their own families.”

In February of this year, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat it called for banning pornography. In his reasoning, pornography is a service that is bought and sold and therefore can be regulated or restricted. We agree. We do not impinge on anyone’s First Amendment rights. We do however regulate what they sell. [bctt tweet=”Does anyone doubt that our world would be a better place without pornography?” username=”Preachers_Study”]

Does anyone doubt that our world would be a better place without pornography? Surely the Christian knows that pornography has no place in his or her life. The Christian is called to be holy (Leviticus 11:44; 2 Timothy 2:21). Let us do all we can to fight this scourge.

I wonder what you think about pornography. Your comments are welcomed.

True Friends

the_friends_stage_croppedTrue friends are exceptionally rare. Whereas family members come to us by birth, friends are choices. The typical person may have thousands of associates; they may have hundreds of friends, but they probably only have one or two people that are truly close friends. Social media sites, like Facebook, may suggest that we have thousands of friends. In reality, most of the people on our Facebook friends list are only associates. Even Jesus had his inner circle of disciples, Peter, James, and John, were his closest friends. I would suggest that close friends are critical to a successful, productive Christian life.

In Find a Friend to Wound You, Greg Morse suggests that a great friend will hurt you when necessary. He suggests, and I agree, that someone who only pats you on the back and never criticizes you is not the best kind of friend to have; such a friend can be dangerous. But someone who will tell you what you need to hear is worth everything in this life. I think you will enjoy reading his article.



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Second Coming / Rapture Primer

With all the interest in end times events, modern prophetic fulfillment, blood moons and eschatology, we offer a collection of articles on various subjects relating to the Lord’s return. These are just some of the two dozen plus articles we have prepared on the subject. Us the search box to find more.

Prepare – Are we ready for Jesus’ return?

Jesus Is Coming, Are You Ready for the Alarm? – Don’t ignore what you know is coming!

Expired – The importance of being ready.

The Rapture – What is this doctrine?

The Rapture Package – Understanding how it all links together.

Apocalyptic Literature – Caution is required when interpreting this genre of biblical literature.

Harold Camping and the Rapture Bust – A date-setter who was wrong again!

Second Chance Salvation; A Danger of Dispensationalism – Believing the whole rapture, 1,000 year reign discussion has a pretty serious spiritual impact.

May God bless your studies and aide you as you prepare for the Lord’s return!

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Is Marijuana Sinful?

Cannabis leaf on grunge background, shallow DOF.The Gospel Coalition offers an analysis of marijuana and whether it should be considered sinful. While marijuana is not specifically mentioned in God’s word, it shares characteristics. Of course we have written about the trouble of alcohol here before. Take a moment and read Joe Carter’s Is Recreational Marijuana Sinful?

For more on recreational alcohol use you might also look at Alcohol: The Most Harmful Drug here on the Preacher’s Study Blog

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Casual Sex and Culture

MileyCyrus_signature.svgShortly after the Miley Cyrus embarrassment students in public schools were seen twerking. That is, they were moving their bodies in way suggestive of having sex. The provocative moves soon found their way into some dance team and cheer-leading routines in public schools.  Cyrus was not finished debasing herself and culture.  Her music video featured the moderately talented Cyrus dancing nude on and around a wrecking ball. Other entertainers who appeal to the youth demographic are also pushing lewd behavior to new lows.

But now comes a report that parents have had enough. They are seeing changes among their own children who mimic the moves and words of the performers. A Brit website, Netmums, conducted a survey of parents which revealed their observations and fears. The cultural breakdown survey is brief and worth reading.

Concise Baptism Article

My good brother Garrett Lloyd sent me a link which I want to pass on to you. It answers the ever-asked question: “Do I have to be baptized?” I think the author does a good job. I would also read the comments below the article and see the extremes to which people go to twist baptism into something it clearly is not in Scripture.

I’m not acquainted with the author of this article but it is quite useful. Read You’re Right, You Don’t Have to be Baptized.

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