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Comments Policies

I no longer accept comments on new articles. This was not an easy decision. I have been richly challenged by many readers and I appreciate their thoughtfulness and, for the most part kindness. However the size of the site makes it impossible for me to rapidly and thoughtfully respond to comments in a timely way. Sometimes the thoughts are far from what I believe the Bible teaches that I cannot just let them hang out there without a proper response. So for now, I am closing comments on all new articles.

These comments below are left for archival purposes only.

The Preacher’s Study Blog encourages all constructive questions and comments. There are certain things that we do not allow.

  1. Comments which are primarily commercial in nature and which seek to sell a service or product are not allowed. Links to a personal website which serve to enhance the value of the comment are allowed.
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Commercial Interest Disclosure

This is a personal website and is not the property of the Eastern Shore church of Christ or of any other church. From time to time items may be offered for sale. Profits, should there be any, are taken by J. Bryant Evans.

Some items which are recommended in articles and links may provide some remuneration to the website owner.

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