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Toleration Run Amok

We are still being assaulted by the tolerance police. You know them. They are the ones that think we should be squishy tolerant and accepting of anything and everything. Of course the TP are not tolerant of our beliefs, thoughts and ways.

My Good friend Scott McCown reflects on A New Tolerance Policy at the Morning Drive. Please read it. Scott writes a fine blog.

I wrote an article too a couple of months ago. I called it Has Tolerance Gone too Far? I hope you will read it also and leave a comment.

Wednesday Blog Roundup for December 16, 2009

We begin today with a post from Neil Richey which he calls “When a Preacher Stays Home on Sunday.Please visit his site and check out the article. Neil also has an article which I endorse and was about to write myself. It concerns the celebration of Christmas as a holy day. If you have seen my Facebook page you know I enjoy Christmas but not as a special holy day celebrated by the church. Neil explains that reasoning in this article about A Christian Who Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas.”

Adam Faughn thinks about the coming Christmas Sunday and the opportunities that will present themselves. I think he has a point. We need to always look for open doors and this Sunday will surely be one of them. Also, Adam has moved his blog so be sure and update your links and readers when you visit.

There have been some ongoing discussions and debates with atheists recently. Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press discusses a key point in his recent debate: “Is God Immoral for Killing Innocent Children?”

Wayne Jackson has a discussion of something called the Jesus Seminar. This group may be unfamiliar to you but it is a hard left liberal group which seeks to destroy the truth of Scripture. I think you should read this article as a means of knowing what we are up against.

Two posts from Joey Sparks this week and both concern sexual sin. In a permissive world we all need to stop and consider the implications and consequences of our actions. His first article is “Don’t Stop, Look & Listen.” The followup article is “Boats on Land? Cars on Water?” Thanks Joey.

Finally a post about food, Chinese Food at that! Scott McCown makes good use of fortune cookies in this quick article he calls Fortune Cookies and Friendship.”

Well that wraps it up for this week. Have a great rest of the week and a super weekend!

Wednesday Blog Roundup

Good morning everyone and thanks for reading. Here is the Wednesday collection of article postings for your reading enjoyment. While I generally agree with the articles I post here I do not necessarily agree with everything on some sites. Use your knowledge, discretion and wisdom as always.

Our first post is from Mike Ratliff at Possessing the Treasure. I am unsure of Mike’s religious affiliation although he strongly supports reformed theology which is a form of Calvinism. Nevertheless he offers a fine article on those who oppose Bible teaching, especially those of the so-called Emerging Church Movement. His observations of their tactics and methods is quite accurate. His article is called Self Righteousness and Accusing the Brethren. Our friend Wayne Jackson at Christian Courier has a brief article on the subject of the Emerging Church at his site. ApologeticsIndex has a lenthy series of articles on this movement which is rearing its head in many places.

Neil Richey suggests that we Double our Failure Rate at his Preacher with Wings site. He really has an excellent point.

Last Wednesday we enjoyed a powerful period of prayer at Eastern Shore. Jeremiah Tatum has some pointers for improving our prayer life. I think you will profit by reading this article and applying his suggested pointers.

Here’s a fresh look at the gospel invitation issued at the end of sermons and devotionals. A point for the hearers and one for the speaker. Faughn Family of Four did a fine job with this article. Let me add one thing to what he writes. Please don’t use the invitation song as a time to leave early. I can imagine no reason to disrupt the congregation by shuffling out as people are contemplating their soul’s destiny. Is that extra 3 minutes really that important? Who would leave a football game just as time was running out and the kicker was about to try a field goal to win the game. Come on people – wait a couple of minutes.

That’s the roundup and we hope you enjoy it. Your comments are always welcomed!

Wednesday Blog Roundup for September 23, 2009

Hello again and welcome to our weekly roundup of interesting blog articles from across the ‘net. I hope you find these interesting and encouraging. Always remember that while I do recommend the individual articles I do not necessarily recommend the entire site. Most are fine but use good wisdom and spiritual discernment as always.

Dale Sadler is a marriage counselor who has a timely article about so-called emotional affairs. These do not involve physical contact (at least not at first) but can still be a destroyer of trust. In this article Dale answers the question, What If My Spouse Won’t Acknowledge His Emotional Affair. Of course we hope you are not in such a situation but if you are this might help.

Neil Richey continues to blog even though his wife is in the hospital Continue reading Wednesday Blog Roundup for September 23, 2009

Wednesday Blog Roundup – July 8th, 2009

We missed the roundup last week but are back now with some great articles.

First this week is a report from Christians in Honduras. As you know that country is on  the brink of war and internal chaos. Christians are being impacted by the events there. Brotherhood News reports on the Christians there and their situation. Please pray for their safety.

Have you ever wondered if faith really makes a difference in daily life? Wayne Jackson at Christian Courier reports on recent research and argues that a person of faith is better morally than someone who is not.

Giving is always a ticklish subject. It is commanded by God but some people grow angry when we preach on the subject. Certainly a local congregation can go a long way toward improving the attitudes of members by being open in reporting expenditures and discussing various areas of work. This is one area an eldership ought never be secretive about. ((Of course privacy should be respected toward specific benevolent recipients and in the area of individual contributions.))I said all of that to introduce Jeremiah Tatum’s article on giving methods. See which grouping you fit into.

Apologetics Press has a studious article about prayer in the schools and about efforts to constitutionally restore the right of prayer. This is a fine article which examines a very current issue before the U.S. Congress.

Joe Palmer from Better Life found an anonymous article that he has posted at his website about the world and the church. It is sobering to think of the truth in this article.

Adam Faughn has a thought provoking look at what we do while we are preparing to baptize someone into Christ. It’s worth nothing that every congregation seems to be a little different in their approach. But this will give you something to think about.

We will wrap it up with a top ten list from Oakman, Alabama and Scott McCown. He offers the Top Ten Children’s Questions to God. It will make you smile – guaranteed or I will give your money back!

That’s it for this week. Enjoy and give God all the glory!

Wednesday Blog Roundup – June 24, 2009

Welcome to our weekly roundup of excellent posts from Christian bloggers across the internet. We hope you will enjoy our selection this week.

Scott McCown at Morning Drive has two articles for your consideration. First, since Father’s Day was Sunday, he offers the Top Ten Verses About Fathers. His top verse is quite instructive for all of us. Second, Scott offers a question from his older brother, Doug and his reply concerning distractions in worship. Doug, by the way, is a friend of mine from the Niceville, Florida church of Christ and one of our great staffer’s at Indian Creek Youth Camp.

Deliberate misrepresentation of an opponent’s argument, position or reasoning is a common dishonest debate tactic. Christian Courier offers a reply to evolutionists who try to paint Bible believers with false charges. I think you will appreciate reading Wayne Jackson’s comments at False Charges Against Creationism.

Continuing on the evolution/creationism discussion is an article from Kyle Butt at Apologetics Press. Kyle writes about yet another “celebrity fossil” find that supposedly links humans to primates. Of course, it does not and the mainstream scientific press is attacking the alleged find. Read about the “messy link” at their website.

My good friend Joey Sparks has moved his blog and is now on the WordPress platform. I’m glad he made the move because I am very partial to WordPress. There is nothing out there that even comes close. Anyway, check out his blog at Joey Sparks: Relaying Spiritual Inspiration.

Here’s a report on a great project to train future church leaders. Steve Higgenbotham writes about very young men who are beginning early to study leadership and prepare for a lifetime of service.

Thanks for reading and visiting!

Wednesday non-Blog Roundup

Once again, something little different for you this week. I am offering a look a Bible study resources on the web. Some you may know, some maybe not. I hope this helps. If I miss something just add it in the comments.


A good Bible search tool is important. When I began preaching we used a concordance; it was a 20 pound book that listed words and where they were found. A typical concordance was limited to a single Bible translation and only one word at a time. Phrases were an impossibility. No more.

I have often used Continue reading Wednesday non-Blog Roundup

Wednesday Blog Roundup for June 10

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Blog Roundup. Our plan is to highlight different blog posts from some of our friends and hope that you will visit them and check out there work. I hope it adds some value to your experience here at the Preacher’s Study Blog.

Dale Sadler is a licensed counselor and has some good information about raising teenagers. He’s right that teens sometimes seem to change drastically when they turn 13. He argues that teens need guidance from their parents. Dale writes at In Search for More.

Joe Palmer from the church of Christ in Niceville, Florida writes the Better Life blog. Joe has begun a new series which asks if you have found what you are looking for. There are three article in the series. On another note I will be in Niceville next Wednesday night the 17th to speak. I look forward to seeing my friends there.

Speaking of Wednesday night series, we recently enjoyed Don Myers as a speaker at Eastern Shore. Don teaches at Faulkner University in Montgomery and maintains his own website to which he posts articles from time to time. Are You Right With God? is a good article to introduce you to Don.

I offer two posts this week from Christian Courier. The first is a guest posting from Earl Edwards, a former professor of mine at Freed-Hardeman University who is now very active in missions work. He has written about the selection of men to work in the mission field. It is an instructive and thought provoking article for congregations thinking of selecting a man to preach in a foreign field. The second article is from Wayne Jackson. Wayne writes of a destructive book published by Abilene Christian University. Jackson writes, “This is the most radically liberal commentary ever to be produced by those affiliated with the churches of Christ. Moreover, it reveals how ecumenically denominational an elitist segment of our brotherhood has become.” We suggest you give serious thought to Wayne’s comments.

Finally, Adam Faughn has sage advice for all preachers. Sometimes we begin to expect that we will be invited to speak on some great lectureship or event. When we are not, we become disappointed and pout. Adam reminds us that there is plenty of work to be done at home.

Well that wraps up this weeks review. Have you subscribed yet to the Preacher’s Study Blog rel=”nofollow”? It’s totally free and you will not miss a post.

Wednesday Blog Roundup for May 27, 2009

Some great posts by some fine Christians this week. I hope you will visit these guys and check them out!

We added Faughn Family of Four this week to the sidebar. Adam Faughn does a blog that his spiritual in nature and also includes many references to his children. Among other things, Adam is focusing on Romans lately and listening to John Piper’s sermons. As you know, I like Piper in many ways although we differ deeply on some issues. He’s an excellent preacher. Adam is producing some notes from his study of Romans.

Eddy Watkins runs a couple of websites including GEWatkins.com, his blog, and Preacher Files which includes many sermon outlines and studies. Eddy is helping me sort out some of the issues that caused the blog to crash over the weekend.

Scott McCown’s Morning Drive is always a good read. He has a three part series he calls Turning Point that I hope you’ll take time to read. For those of you who know Scott personally, it is very touching.

Curious How A Woman Saved David From Himself? Drew Kizer at Truth & Repose has the answer. Drew preaches near Birmingham, Alabama.

Saturday, Steve Higginbotham of PreachingHelp.org released a review of a book “Stop Dating the church: Fall In Love With The Family of God. The premise is explained in his article and I think I’m going to have to buy the book.

Dale Jenkins has a wide-open post on some things he would like to say sometimes. I can identify and suspect you will too. Stay with I’m Glad I Preach and you will understand.

Well that’s the roundup for the week. Enjoy!