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Comments Are Welcomed

Your comments are welcome here. You will find a comment box at the bottom of each article. Your thoughts may be briefly held for moderation because spam tends to clutter websites. I take no offense to your statements. I do ask that you conduct yourself with a Christ-like nature as we all search for the truth of God’s word.

So, go ahead, comment! I’m waiting to hear from you.

Welcome to the New Site

This is the new home of what was once called the Preacher’s Study Blog. Thank you for dropping by. I am Bryant Evans, the chief cook and bottle-washer on this new website. All of the content is available from our days at the Preacher’s Study Blog, and we will add new material from time to time. If you have a question you’d like us to explore, drop us a note, and we will try to answer it Clearly and Biblically.

During the transition from the old site, I expect some bumps and maybe even a few potholes. Please bear with us as we get things smoothed out.

Again, thanks for your visit!

Quick Answers

quick answers

I’m going to disappoint you. Despite the title, there are no quick answers here. In fact, you cannot survey even the smallest subject with quick answers – not even the subject of “quick answers.”

Just now, the top story at was six paragraphs, three of which were one sentence in length. At competitor the top story was longer but still a brief 11 paragraphs. The median length of a television news story with video is a scant 41 seconds according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

We scan, we skim, we don’t study. We’re just not very interested in depth.

Brevity can be good. Who needs to spend a half hour thinking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce other than Swift and Kelce themselves? But some topics demand greater attention.

Quick Answers and the Spiritual Life

Americans have entrusted their spiritual knowledge, and by extension, their eternal life, to their preachers. We might ask, “Does the Bible say I shouldn’t do this?” We hope the preacher will give us an answer not exceeding a couple of sentences. We have little interest in his reasoning, just his final conclusion. That’s a dangerous approach. It’s not that the preacher deliberately wants to hurt you, but what if he is wrong? What if his reasoning is flawed?

Never trust a preacher with your spiritual life.

Jesus declared that we can “know” the truth (John 8:32). To know anything requires investigation. An investigation requires a search for facts, an analysis of the source, and a final determination of truth. It’s not always easy.

Preacher’s Study Blog Can Help

We began our work here many years ago. The goal then, and now, was to offer serious Bible study. Despite our work, we still would be embarrassed to know that you trusted us for quick answers. We hope you will delve into our articles, reach your own conclusions, and engage with us through the comments. Your thoughts are always important to us.

Some articles will encourage you while others will challenge long-held beliefs.I think we are successful when we do either. We have never accepted money and we never will. But we would appreciate if you would pass on our articles. It would mean a lot!

Indian Creek Youth Camp

The Eastern Shore church of Christ leaves today on a week long journey to the “hills and hollers” of Walker County, Alabama. We will be involved, for the 9th year, with Clark Sims at Indian Creek Youth Camp. Upwards of 200 people will converge on the property there for a week of Bible training and fellowship.

Preacher’s Study Blog Statistics

Preacher’s Study Blog is meeting an important niche in the world of online publishing. Each month we serve almost 4,000 pages to people looking for serious Christian Bible study. Most of our U.S. visitors come from Texas, followed by California, Florida, Alabama and Georgia for the top 5. We have had visitors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Internationally the top 5 are, USA, Canada, The UK, the Philippines and Australia.

Our growth has been steady over the past year. Over 20,000 people (unique computers)  have viewed at least one article on the site in the past year. That’s good news because people are being exposed to the message of Jesus Christ. Many prefer  the privacy oft heir own home as  they explore areas that are new and unfamiliar to them.

Most of our visitors come from Google although Twitter and Facebook supply hefty numbers too.

The top articles? In Order:

  1. 5 Ways to Stop Gossip
  2. Stop Gossip in the Church
  3. Shut My Mouth: 5 Ways to Stop Gossiping
  4. Church of Christ Music: What’s the Big Deal With  A Piano Anyway?
  5. Church Division – Part 1
Three of the top five are still, year after year, the top articles. Gossip and divisiveness are a major problem.
I deeply appreciate your continued support of the Preacher’s Study Blog. I know you do not always agree. That’s fine. I am happy to stimulate and challenge your thinking.

A Comment About Comments

We aim for vigorous debate and study. However the Preacher’s Study Blog has never allowed personal attacks or name calling. Recently, some commentors have begun name calling. We won’t allow that.

Because of the actions of a few we have had to moderate all comments. That means that you may not see your comment appear immediately. It’s held for review before being released onto the published blog. I think this is temporary.

However I am leaving for a quick trip to Guyana and will not have solid internet access. Therefore the restriction will remain in place until I return. Please make your comments but be patient. I will approve them when I return.

Know The Book Series

We begin a lengthy series today called Know the Book. Over the coming year we will publish a couple of articles each week focusing on one book of the Bible. I’ve decided to move chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. The ultimate goal is to have an available resource for our readers. The introduction will include a quick summary of the book along with key passages and a few technical details like dating an authorship. You can find other introductory material in greater depth but hopefully this will serve as an introduction to the introduction.

Our goal is to publish two articles each week. From a writers perspective that is aggressive. Have patience as we try to make the material available.