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Teaching in South America

Lethem, GuyanaI just returned from a trip to Lethem, Guyana and the Guyana Christian University. What a blessing to visit these good people and have both students and community visitors in my classes. For those who do not know, Lethem is located in western Guyana along the border with Brazil. It is south of the almost pristine Guyanese rainforest and is situated in the grasslands or savannahs. The school has been in place for just over 12 years and has been the source of many gospel preachers now working among the Amerindian people of the country.

On this occasion, I taught a university-level class on Revelation and a class on preaching. These great students were careful to compare my teaching to God’s word. We teach them to study the scriptures and use the Scriptures as the sole authority in their teaching.

I was also privileged to speak to the church of Christ at Culvert City which shares a campus with the school. It was so good to see old friends and some new ones too.

Here, at Eastern Shore in Alabama, we support Guyana Christian Medical Missions. A team just returned in February, another arrives in July and another in September or October. We are making some improvements to the clinic to be ready for the new team that arrives in a month or so.

If you are near Daphne, Alabama next Sunday, drop by the Eastern Shore church of Christ. I’ll be making a fuller report on Sunday night at 5.


From the Savannah

10 new preachers will soon been working throughout Guyana. The graduation at Guyana Christian University is next month but the students completed the last of their coursework Friday morning in Lethem. It was my privilege to teach these students on three occasions. John Langham knows the students from many campaigns and from classes he taught in April. This batch of students is extraordinary and holds great promise for the future. Continue reading From the Savannah

Amerindian Missions in Guyana

We are pleased to add amerindianmissions.com to our blogroll. Jerry Davidson of the Summerdale church of Christ is the primary missionary and coordinator of mission efforts among the Amerindian people of Guyana. Their website is maintained by Chuck Smothers, a member at Eastern Shore.

Amerindian Missions and Guyana Christian University work in total union with one another to build the church and expand  the kingdom of Christ in the Rupununi region. Keep an eye on amerindianmissions.com for complete reports on the efforts there.

Auntie Rosie

What follows is an email from brother H.M., a native preacher in Guyana. This is a true story of a fine Christian lady who shows enough dedication to put many younger people to shame. You will be encouraged by reading it.

Aunty Rosie, a Christian, has stopped attending when the doors of the Canal 1

Church Building was closed a year or two ago.

After visiting, she has returned to worship – her first visit was July 26.

She lives under 2 miles from the building but walks with her legs back and forth.

Yesterday, she was back carrying a black plastic bag with a handful of cement,

and a small bottle of water, (to fill the cracks on the concrete floor of the building),

4 pints brown paint, 3 sheets of sand paper, rags and a paint brush – her donation

to scrub & paint the church benches.

What makes Aunty Rosie story interesting is

a) She is 85 years +, and a widow

b) She saw a need in the church and without being told, she was willing

to contribute.

My friends, you can draw your own conclusion/s and lessons but to me

Aunty Rosie is my heroine.

She came, she saw, and she contributed.

What an inspiration!

We had a good service at Canal 1 congregation  – 30 – 35 in attendance.

This is not the only story of this kind that comes out of our work in Guyana. There are many people who truly go the extra mile for Christ.

Speaking in Muscatine, Iowa

I am blessed to be in Muscatine, Iowa this week to teach the adult class for their Vacation Bible School and then to preach for them on Sunday. I was with the brethren there some years ago and was warmly received by them. I look forward to seeing them again. I also have a string family connection in Muscatine. My cousin Clyde Evans and his family are all located in that area so I will get to see them soon.

Muscatine is a small city on the banks of the Mississippi River just opposite Illinois. There is a rich heritage in the area which I hope to sample while there.

I will return Sunday night to Birmingham, Alabama where I will rejoin my family for Indian Creek Youth Camp in Walker County, Alabama. I will be working with Clark Sims to run the camp for almost 250 campers, counselors and staff. This is our sixth year and I am sure it will be the best!

Later this summer I will be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama speaking at the Cottondale church of Christ. I travel to Guyana to teach in the Guyana Christian University in late September, I speak on the Summer Series at the Robertsdale church of Christ in October and then I am scheduled in a lectureship in McMinnville, Tennessee. It’s a great deal of traveling but I look forward to every opportunity. Please keep me in your prayers.

East Side Church in Columbia Supplies School

Mark and Suzy Jamieson and their family paid a visit to Daphne Monday and brought boxes of supplies for Guyana. Mark preaches for the East Side church of Christ in Columbia, Tennessee and has just returned from teaching at Guyana Christian University. After his report to the congregation they heartily joined together to provide books for the students at the school and songbooks for the Parashara church of Christ in Guyana. We will be shipping their supplies on the next container.

I am also excited that Mark is offering to continue teaching in the school, assist with developing the curriculum and with recruiting teachers. I first met Mark when he was at the Pleasure Island church of Christ. He is sound, dedicated and energetic. I am glad to have his assistance.

Please keep the Guyana Christian University in your prayers.

Barbados Missionary Enroute to GCU

Jimmy Bracken, a successful missionary supported by the Stony Point church of Christ in Florence, Alabama is on his way to Lethem and the Guyana Christian University. Jimmy’s trip has already been fraught with challenges including last minute flight changes and a lengthy lay over in Georgetown.

Jimmy will be teaching leadership subjects as well as 1-2 Kings and 1-2 Chronicles during this visit. He will leave on December 19 and the students will enjoy a holiday break until January.

Guyana Report

I heard that our men did a fine job reporting on their work in Guyana last month. The work continues with great interest as 32 were baptized, 19 restored and 2 were joined in marriage.

Our Kent Purser in the field in Guyana
Our Kent Purser in the field in Guyana

Our thanks to Kent Purser (far right), Mark Hocutt and John Langham for their travels.

At present, Mark Jamieson of the Eastside church of Christ in Columbia, Tennessee is in Lethem teaching two courses at the Guyana Christian University. In December, Jimmy Bracken a missionary with the Stony Point church of Christ near Florence, Alabama, will be teaching.

We appreciate all the great work these do to help develop and train church leaders in Guyana. Men and women are hungry for the truth of the gospel and we are honored to be able to assist in this work.

Godspeed to Guyana

This morning we send three of our men to Guyana to participate in the Fall Evangelistic Campaign in the Caribbean nation. Mark Hocutt, John Langham and Kent Purser will be part of a 23 member team that will work in the grasslands, or the savanna of the nation. We praise their sacrifice and look forward to their reports of souls won.

The church here supports these campaigns through financial support of team members as needed, donations of items to the community in Guyana and through the oversight of the Guyana Christian University. At present, 10 students are enrolled there.

There are typically three campaigns a year into Guyana. Churches have been planted among the Amerindian people who live mainly in the south of the country. These men and women have come out of many denominational sects and from some ancient tribal groups and religions. Today, hundreds of Christians serve God in the communities of Guyana.

The nation of Guyana is one of the most spectacular of the South American nations. The rain forests which divide Guyana from the northern coastal region to the southern savannas is among the most pristine in the world. The people are among the most generous, open-hearted people you will meet.

Please join us as we pray for the success and safety of these men on their journey. We wish them Godspeed.