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First 2010 Sermon

Is there a better way to start the New Year than by assembling with God’s people on the first Lord’s Day of the Year?

This Sunday morning we will consider how to Begin With Jesus. Using John’s account of Jesus calling his first disciples (John 1:35-51) we will see some important characteristics for every Christian to possess. We may not have all those characteristics yet, but we can work toward them.

Sunday night we will do the reverse. We will End With Jesus. Have you wondered what will happen at death? When you breathe your last, what will happen to you? We will try and answer some of those questions by studying Luke’s account of the Rich Man and Lazarus from Luke 16:19-31.

We meet at 9 for Bible study (come early for coffee) and we worship at 10 AM and again at 6 PM. You are always welcomed at the Eastern Shore church of Christ in Daphne, Alabama

Sermon Preview for Sunday December 13, 2009

I’m looking forward to Sunday both because it is a day of worship and because we have two lessons that I think will be useful for everyone.

Sunday morning, we will continue our studies through the Gospel of Mark. Our lesson is called, The Kingdom Comes with text taken from Mark 9:1. The Bible uses the term “kingdom” in different ways. We will try and understand what is in the Lord’s mind when he speaks of the kingdom in Mark 9:1.

Sunday night the lesson is The Coming of the Son of Man. Our texts for this lesson are Mark 8:38 and especially 2 Peter 3:10. There is so much error taught on the return of the Lord. We will try and sort fact from fiction in this lesson. I hope we have a good return group.

Of course we expect all of our regulars to be in attendance but we also hope for many guests. Please come and be warmly welcomed!

Sermons for Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Sunday we will take a slight deviation from our studies in Mark’s gospel and look at a parallel passage from Matthew 16:13-20. There is a critical doctrinal thought in this passage which we will explore. It is entitled, Is the Church Built on Christ or Peter? I hope you will be present.

Sunday evening we will try and answer the question, Can We All Speak the Same Thing? Most would agree that there is extreme division among those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Is this good? Can we do better? I hope this lesson will be encouraging and help us move toward unity.

We look forward to seeing everyone Sunday. Come and bring a friend!

Sermon Preview for November 15, 2009

I am looking forward to a great day of worship Sunday and I hope you are planning to be with us. Our Sunday morning lesson is a continuation of our study of Mark. The lesson is titled You Are The Christ!” and is taken from Peter’s great confession in Mark 8:27-30. While I think everyone at ES believes that Jesus is the Christ I want us to consider  the implications of that confession. I am hoping the lesson will help you all greatly.

Sunday evening we will consider the horrid idea of Driving God Away taken from Ezekiel 8. Sometimes we wonder why God seems so far away. In reality we have driven him from our presence. Please come with an open heart and open mind to consider the possibility that we could be even closer to our heavenly Father. Consider Psalm 73:28 before you come.

Sunday is the Lord’s Day. Let us prepare today for worship tomorrow!

Sermon Preview

I think we have two good lessons for you this Sunday. I hope all of our Eastern Shore regulars will be with us and plenty of visitors too.

Sunday morning at 10 our lesson is titled, Clear Eyes. The text is from Mark 8:22-26. If you read this text carefully you will see three major questions that arise. In the answers to these questions lie important everyday lessons for all of us.

Sunday evening at 6 we discover some Guaranteed Lessons from the Flood. As you would expect, the text comes from chapters 6 – 9 of Genesis. There are great and powerful lessons embedded throughout the Old Testament and will try to learn from one of those great events.

Please take time to read the two texts above and come with your Bible to the fountain of God’s Word.

Sermon Preview for October 18

We hope you will join us this Sunday at the Eastern Shore church of Christ in Daphne, Alabama, as we worship our Lord and God.

Sunday Morning:

All Things Done Well
Mark 7:36-37
***The people observed that Jesus did all things well. We will expand on that thinking by looking at his miracles – done to perfection – as well as other aspects of his life.***

Sunday Evening:

The Call of Real Wisdom
Proverbs 1:20-33
***There is a wisdom of the world a pseudo-wisdom that destroys.God calls us to true wisdom from above. Solomon certainly knew and understood its importance.***

Sunday is Almost Here…

We are looking forward to another great day at Eastern Shore. Simple, Bible based and Christ centered worship is our constant aim. Here are the lessons planned for this Sunday, October 4, 2009.

Sunday Morning
Heart Transplant!
Luke 11:24-26

This lesson breaks from our study through the Gospel of Mark but fills and important place in the teachings of Jesus. Since we talked about removing evil thoughts from our heart last Sunday we will not talk about adding good things into our heart.

Sunday Evening
How Can I Be Added to Christ’s Church?
Acts 2:41

The church belongs to Jesus and he alone sets the standards for admission to his church. The Bible is clear on how to be a part of that church.
I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday. Come and bring a friend!

Sermons for Sunday, October 26, 2008

We invite you to join us Sunday for another great day of worship at Eastern Shore. Our services are simple and centered around growing in a knowledge of God and his son Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning – 10:00 AM
The Priceless Bride
Ephesians 5:25-27
This is a study of the church and its central importance to Christ as well as to us.
Sunday Evening – 6:00 PM
Kingly Lessons: The Approval of God
1 Kings 8
We continue our studies through the book of 1st Kings. We note God’s approval as seen through his literal physical presence in the new Temple and considered his approval we receive through his spiritual presence in our lives today.

Join us and work with us as we deepen our knowledge of the Lord!

Sermon Preview – Sunday October 12, 2008

A great Lord’s Day lies ahead for all of us. Our teachers have been working on their lessons and we can all join together to praise our God.

I will be preaching two lessons which I hope will be useful to you:


Growing in Christ
John 3:1-3
***It is hard to grow if one never comes to the table. Christians grow when they spend time with one another.***


Kingly Lessons: Punishment is Sure
1 Kings 2
***We do not escape the eye of God. There are no secret sins.***

I do hope we see you at 9 for Bible class and again at 10 for worship. We meet again for worship at 6 PM.