Abortion’s Hard Lies

abortion questionsAbortion is not a pleasant topic for anyone, especially for the women who think it solves their problems. Of course, it doesn’t and it often adds to their anxiety and grief. No one should suggest that abortion is an easy decision. I’m sure it is not. Nevertheless, abortion is a wrong decision that penalizes the most vulnerable among us for bad decisions we make.

Tom Trinko at American Thinker has a powerful, clear-headed post about abortion in light of the Irish abortion vote. I highly suggest you read it from top to bottom. Let me whet your appetite with a three of his quotes.

“Hence, when you hear all the rejoicing on the left that Ireland has decided to legalize abortion, you need to understand that leftists are cheering for the legalized killing of the most defenseless human beings in the world.” 


“…leftists believe that if it takes the killing of the innocent unborn human being to enable their sexually hedonistic lifestyles, then so be it.”

And one more to get you going:

“The left wasn’t able to convince many Americans to believe in its lies about abortion, which is why it had to be legalized by judicial fiat and propped up by a massive propaganda effort that ignores science and depends on lies and distortions.”

The Big Abortion Lie is well worth your time.

I fully expect I will be trolled for promoting his post. That’s fine. I’ll stand with life and you stand with death.


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