Casual Sex and Culture

MileyCyrus_signature.svgShortly after the Miley Cyrus embarrassment students in public schools were seen twerking. That is, they were moving their bodies in way suggestive of having sex. The provocative moves soon found their way into some dance team and cheer-leading routines in public schools.  Cyrus was not finished debasing herself and culture.  Her music video featured the moderately talented Cyrus dancing nude on and around a wrecking ball. Other entertainers who appeal to the youth demographic are also pushing lewd behavior to new lows.

But now comes a report that parents have had enough. They are seeing changes among their own children who mimic the moves and words of the performers. A Brit website, Netmums, conducted a survey of parents which revealed their observations and fears. The cultural breakdown survey is brief and worth reading.

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