Does God Hate Homosexuals?

Homosexuality is a divisive subject. Many cannot talk about it without becoming enraged. Often the discussion turns personal and anger grows. Even though it is a difficult subject, Christians should not be silent if the Bible addresses the topic. The obvious answer here: God does not hate homosexuals nor does he hate anyone. It was God’s intense love of sinners that caused him to send his precious son to pay for our sins (Romans 5:8).

I have come upon a fine, well worded article on the subject which I commend to your reading. Dale Jenkins, a Gospel Preacher in Spring Hill, Tennessee has many Alabama connections. His father was the longtime preacher at Roebuck Parkway in Birmingham until his passing in 2010.

Dale responds to the the charge that Christians are hateful of homosexuals. I encourage your consideration of the article.

3 thoughts on “Does God Hate Homosexuals?

  1. God only created 2 sexuality and that is male and female but at this time there are homosexual persons. I can say that God does not hate homosexuals but God has plans for what they are.

  2. Thanks for your visit Jane. I hope you will become a regular here.

    It seems to me that we should understand the difference between sin and the sinner. All are sinners but God loved us sinners enough to send his only begotten son so that we might have eternal life (John 3:16; Romans 5:8).
    But sin itself is the reason for our spiritual death. The practice of homosexuality is sinful. Like all unrepentant, unforgiven sins the practitioner will suffer God’s divine consequences. So yes, I agree with your thoughts.

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