Wednesday Blog Roundup

Running a little late today – I’ve been in a knock-down-drag-out battle with the main web site for the church. Unfortunately it’s winning!

Since it is tax day I’ll start with McCown’s post at Morning Drive. He jots down some Taxing Thoughts for us. I think his tax form is probably being considered by some at the highest levels.

Here’s a new blog for us from Keith Kasarjian. Keith preached here at Eastern Shore just before I came and is presently preaching in Kentucky. He offers a good way to achieve your goals in How Do You Eat An Elephant.

Neil Richey offers some insight on a common “answer” to the demand for biblical baptism as an essential part of Salvation. He deals with the Thief on the Cross question that is commonly asked.

Drew Kizer takes a different approach to history with his Reflections on Easter Sunday. The title really doesn’t reflect the content very well. It’s not an Easter article but one that looks at history and the significance of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Have you ever heard someone excuse their poor behavior or conduct by saying “that’s just me!” Jeremiah Tatum doesn’t buy it. Read Your Way of Life. He makes some excellent points.

Finally, if you need a laugh to bring tax day to an end, check out this clip posted at the Preacher’s Pen. Just the facts, please!

Have a great day!

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