The Homosexual Agenda

Homosexuality is the present cultural rave. We are led to believe that a significant proportion of adults are homosexual or, at the very least, open to the idea. In reality the numbers of those who identify as homosexual is rather small. It is their voice that is so loud.

Both government and the media have taken up their cause to the point that some preachers (in foreign countries) have been arrested for preaching against this sin.

Our brother Neil Richey offers an article he wrote after listening to a discussion of homosexuality on the radio. We think it is a timely article worthy of your attention.

As we have said before, Christians ought oppose the sin of homosexuality as they would adultery, fornication, lying, etc. But we must love the one caught up in the sin. There are no super sins before God. We are all subject to being separated from God through our own actions. As Jesus said, remove the beam first so you can see the speck (Matthew 7:3).

Let us all seek to obey and be found faithful before our Lord. And let us do all we can to guide those entrapped in sin to a knowledge of Christ Jesus.

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