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Church of Christ Music: What’s the Big Deal About a Piano Anyway?


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“Why don’t the churches of Christ use musical instruments?”

“The Church of Christ doesn’t have music. Why not?”

These are excellent and fair questions which deserve an answer. One of the things many people know about the churches of Christ is our insistence on Acapella music, that is, simple vocal music without a mechanical instrument. ((I am being very broad in describing what the churches of Christ do. I am well aware that some do in fact use the instrument. I disagree with them but am nonetheless aware of their thinking. While the churches of Christ do not have any earthly headquarters and there is no official book of doctrine other than the Bible, I do think I am making case that those within the “mainline” churches of Christ would agree.))

Now I know that some of you reading this will be surprised to learn that there is a church which does not use instruments in worship. You may be tempted to roll your eyes and think “that’s crazy.” Can I just ask for your open minded reading for a few minutes?

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A cappella Music Rises Again

The church has known for centuries the beauty of pure vocal music. Known as “a cappella ” this is the music of the church as taught in the New Testament. Centuries of innovations have all but eliminated it with bands and instruments now predominating in worship settings.

But a cappella may be on the rise – at least in the secular setting. USATODAY online and in print editions reports on the resurgence of a cappella music. The article has nothing to do about the church or spiritual issues but it is interesting.