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Enjoy and Remember

It’s a grand week ahead for most people. I suspect we will all be with our families during the holidays and will enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Do be careful as you travel and remember to find the Lord’s people and worship wherever you go.

I’d like to encourage you to remember those that are struggling this week. This Christmas season is different that we have had for many years. Some families are on the brink of disaster and need our prayers for recovery. Some are dealing with serious financial issues which may be beyond their ability to solve. Others are grieving terribly this season as Christmas will never be the same again. We just ask that you remember their struggles in your prayers.

We also hope that our culture will remember Jesus throughout the rest of the year. One great negative of a Christmas season is that some appear spiritual for a few days in December and then return to their godless way of life on the 26th. I pray that we never fall into such a trap but that we celebrate the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ daily as our ancient brethren did.

Let’s show Christ to all men this holiday season!