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Militant Atheism

Militant atheists are in the news again. This subset of the larger God-denying population is not content to live in disbelief themselves. They need to attack those who do believe in God and in the concept of a higher being. In California a militant group is publicly tearing pages from a Bible on a public pier. They argue that the Bible contains immoral passages. It’s a curious charge. From where, exactly, do morals arise? From government? Ask survivors of the American slave trade how that worked out. From the international community? Do you really want the United Nations declaring morality while it includes leaders of terrorist nations on its human rights committees? Maybe from the individual perhaps? Sure, let everyone craft a moral standard that meets their desires. We have name for that: chaos. Morality cannot come from within man or even from within society. The existence of common morals points to a divine God.

Meanwhile, another militant atheist group says Christians and Muslims must be “eradicated.” To be fair, the writer added a postscript to his article after he was called on the carpet. He says he means the doctrines of Christianity and Islam must be eradicated. But again, to be fair to both sides, his rant is full of hate speech and it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that he would be just fine without any Christians around. In an incredible part of his  writing he links Christians together with those who practice bizarre and fringe conduct in the name of faith.

As long as they are allowed to exist, we will continue to be inundated with accounts of buses, buildings, markets and abortion clinics being blown up, rape victims being murdered for adultery, wives being beaten (sometimes to death), airplanes being flown into buildings, people being tortured and sometimes beheaded for blasphemy, people being burned for witchcraft and sorcery and all the other horrific, inhumane and insane practices that are part of fundamental Christianity and Radical Islam.

Read the article for yourself and judge.

We must not respond in kind to these sorts of attacks. Instead let us proclaim loudly the love of Jesus Christ for all men and that salvation is offered to whosoever will come. Only by shouting and living love can we silence the hate speech of others.