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Logos 4 Bible Software Review

Logos has released a new ground up version of their Bible software package. Logos 4 is said to have been redesigned and is very different from previous versions. I have had it fully installed for a couple of days now and am still getting to know and understand some of the features. So keep in mind that this review may be a bit premature. To be clear, I received nothing for this review. I am not associated with Logos. I am not even a beta tester.


Installation is the greatest weakness of the package. While it is a new program it attempts to use much of your old data. However it must re-index that data into a single file. Logos says this will make searching faster.

The single DVD installation moves very quickly. However the re-index will take hours and hours. There is no status bar to indicate how the process is progressing and a system tray icon gives wildly varying estimates of the time left. Continue reading Logos 4 Bible Software Review