The Real Problem

Challenges abound and problems are everywhere. But what is the root of our problems? What can we do to to address that problem? I sure don’t have all the answers but I think I have a place to start the discussion.

It seems to me that our culture has no standard of what is good or evil. We have taken the approach that “I’m OK, You’re OK” and that I must not make any judgement of your actions. We have corrupted the meaning of Matthew 7:1-5 into a prohibition against all judging. Christians, many ignorant of the actual teaching of the verse, have hung their head in shame at their assumed guilt. We have allowed every shifting human dogma to attain an equivalency with inspired teaching. Whether we intend to our not, we have allowed such systems as Islam, Humanism and even Atheism to rise to an equal level with Christianity. Such a weakness has allowed competing standards to flood the world. The result? A plethora of standards results in no standard at all.

Within the heart of every person, there are certain standards that seem to be born into each. A love for children and a need to protect them from harm, a yearning for freedom and a respect, at some level, for others, all seem to be innate. Prohibitions against murder are found across all society’s and cultures. Why? Because there is a moral standard given from an unchanging lawgiver. No Congress or Parliament is adequate to back such global laws. No King, President or Prime Minister has the power to enact unchanging worldwide foundations. Only God has such power and authority. Yet our world is fast approaching a total vacuum of  morality.

Solomon wrote that “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). This country has lost any semblance of righteousness. The very concept of right or wrong actions is anathema to most.

But we cannot have righteousness apart from a righteous standard. The only standard confirmed by astounding miracles is the Bible. Only Jesus has the words of life (John 6:68) and only Jesus can save men from a wicked world (John 14:6). There are two important implications:

  1. All other so-called holy books are mere pretenders.
  2. A personal knowledge of the Bible is critical.

I know some will argue with these and some may find additional implications but the point is that we need the Bible as our standard in society and culture.

To me, there is nothing more peaceful than an early morning walk along the beach. The salty breeze, the distant cry of a gull and the crashing of the waves settle me. But if I stand in the edge of the water and allow the tide to swirl around my feet I will soon fall. The sand is no foundation. It washes away and soon I become so unstable that I fall. Our nation is is just this sort of condition. We’ve become hypnotized by the allure of sin in our world while, unnoticed, our foundations have eroded. Collapse is certain.

Can we pull our society back from the brink? Are we to far gone? Will we soon become a distant memory? I pray for revival. Will you?


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