4 More Ways for Better Bible Study

Yesterday, we offered some suggestions to help establish good Bible study practices. Today we offer four more suggestions for your growth.

1. Begin a Good Christian Home Library for Better Bible Study

Begin now to acquire dependable resources for your study. Many books can be found very inexpensively online but can help deepen your studies.A good English dictionary is important. The words you read in your Bible have been chosen by translators as the very best word to reflect the original language word in the text. You obviously will know most of them but a good dictionary is a fine start. An interlinear translation of the Bible provides word-for-word translation in-line with the English text. This allows you to see the Greek or Hebrew word which was translated. An interlinear, coupled with a lexicon is powerful tool to unlock the meaning of the original text. A lexicon is simply a book with gives the translation of words from one language to another.There are two books which I especially suggest. They are called “Introductions.” These books do not deal so much with the text as with the background of each book of the Bible. They help you date the book, know its author and appreciate any challenges within the book. I recommend A Survey of Old Testament Introduction by Gleason Archer and New Testament Introduction  by Donald Guthrie.

Building a library is a lifetime event. Begin simply and expand from there.

2. Establish Regular Bible Study Times for Better Bible Study

Life is busy and we have precious little time left in our day. Dedicate some portion of your day to Bible study. Add it to your calendar and protect that time as you would some important appointment.

Every achievement in life requires dedication. Experts claim that it takes 10,000 hours of work to become a master of any field. Begin now by scheduling study time.

3. Keep a Question List for Better Bible Study

Bible questions come from everywhere. Sometimes the preacher says something that you aren’t too sure about. Sometimes he makes reference to a story that perks your interest. Sometimes a friend at work makes a Biblical comment that is unfamiliar to you. Write down your question, along with any immediate thoughts, and keep it handy. This list will help establish your future studies and it guarantees that you will never run out of topics.

Your question list is private. Sometimes a question will pop into your head that may seem incredibly simplistic. It may be a question that you should know the answer to. Write it down anyway. No one need see the list but you.

4. Have a Resource Person for Better Bible Study

Every student has a teacher. You need a teacher. Actually you need a resource person who will answer questions when you get stuck. All of the books in the world are useless if you cannot make sense of them. A resource person will suggest new approaches or new passages to read which will help you grow.

Choose your resource person carefully. Seek a mature person who walks with Christ daily. An elder or preacher might be good choices. Build a relationship with them and they will empower your studies.

Growing in Christ is not always easy although the path is straightforward. But every minute coming to know the Lord better opens an eternity of joy. Don’t wait. Get started today!


Bryant Evans may be reached at bryant at bryantevans.com. You can follow Bryant on Twitter  @jbevans.

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