Pornography and Children

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a nationwide roundup of pedophiles and child-sex pimps. At the same time they reported the recovery of 52 children forced into child prostitution. Charges came throughout the nation in 30 of the FBI’s divisions in 36 cities. Among the state and local charges leveled against the 700 adults are charges of internet child pornography.

The Ugliest Side of Pornography

In many articles here we have discussed [cref internet-pornography-why-it-matters pornography and the home]. It is a destructive behavior which grows in intensity and behaves much like a drug or alcohol addiction. While [cref  how-you-can-beat-internet-pornography internet pornography] can be overcome it can also spiral downward into ever more depraved conduct.

Let’s be clear, not every person who views pornography becomes a child abuser. In fact most do not. However a wise person will be aware of the direction their habit may take.

“It’s not as if most men intend to get into…child pornography,” says author Pamela Paul in her book Pornified: How Pornography Is Damaging Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families. “Desensitization is a major stage in becoming addicted to pornography” ((Pamela Paul, Pornified, Times Books, 2005. pg. 227)) she adds.
Now here is the scary part from Paul’s book:

Addicts are, however, more likely to take their habits off line. Though regular users appear to be just as likely to visit strip clubs, sex addicts take it further, hiring escorts, attending swingers clubs, exposing themselves in public, and molesting children. For the sex addict, pornography often leads logically into real-world sexual behaviors with other men, women and children.” ((ibid, pg. 226))

Of course no one thinks themselves an addict. No one sets out to be addicted to anything. Today’s alcoholic was yesterday’s social drinker. Likewise, the casual viewer of porn today may become tomorrow’s molester.

End of Innocence

Officials readily admit that there is no way to return the innocence to the children enslaved for such purposes. They are marred for life. But it is also true that the insertion of pornography into our homes via the internet is also harming people. Sexual misconduct shatters families and ruptures that which God has given us.

Be vigilant and do not allow this horrible monster to enslave you.

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