Dawkin’s Delusion

Richard Dawkins, the ranting atheist of Oxford University who embarrassed himself with an thoroughly illogical examination of the existence of God in “The God Delusion” has given an empowered reply to Wayne Jackson at Christian Courier. Jackson has been an opponent of Dawkins and his foolish ideas. Take a look at this post with Dawkins comment and a quick review of an important book which assails the thinking of the professor.

2 thoughts on “Dawkin’s Delusion

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      Dawkins book, “The God Delusion,” is one of the worst written books I have ever suffered through. His arguments are little more than ad hominem attacks and bluster. Some reports even suggest his Oxford colleagues were ashamed of his supposed scholarship.

      His rage against the belief in God sounds more like ramblings of a deluded sick man than a respected university professor. Sorry but he is fully deluded – for now.

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