Guyana Mission Trip – Day Eleven

After a fine evening of sleep I was told that I had to get my bags packed and onto the bus for shipment to Georgetown. It seems the normal bus for Wednesday would not be available. This would have been a significant problem as I would not have add my luggage in Georgetown to bring home with me on Friday. Fortunately our man in Georgetown, Frederick Darrell caught the change and called to let us know. So, I packed quickly and shipped my gear before class. Thanks unto God for helping us avoid that trouble.

Our class studied proper Christian worship. We use the Bible alone as our text and as our guide. We noted that there are several aspects to worship including a public, corporate worship when the church assembles together, a private worship involving only a few and the first day of the week assembly (Sunday) when we do by example things done by the early apostolic-guided church.

Attendance in worship is often not as good as it should be. We discussed ways to bring the people together and to give them a better understanding of the purpose of worship.

The various acts of worship were also detailed with some emphasis on the fellowship inherent in all parts of worship. We began an examination of praying, singing, preaching, communion and giving too.

Omadat Persaud Preaching
Omadat Persaud Preaching
Sylvan DeFreitas Preaching
Sylvan DeFreitas Preaching

In the afternoon two students offered their sermons to us. Brothers Persaud and DeFreitas
were the first to present the lessons they had been working on since last week. Both did an outstanding job. Tomorrow two other students will present their work.

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