Gambling: A Cure for All of our Problems

Alabama Governor Bob Riley will be holding a news conference today to announce proration for the state education budget. Times are difficult and tax revenues are falling behind appropriations. Riley will dip into the so called Rainy Day Fund that was created by the legislature.

But already the howls of the gamblers are being heard. The Tuscaloosa News in an Editorial this morning is calling on the state to approve gambling as a means to support education.

There is big money in gambling. Not for the foolish who bet and mostly lose, but for the people smart enough not to gamble. Instead they manage gambling and take a big chunk off the top for their efforts. Let’s remember a couple of things:

  1. Gambling violates the Golden Rule of Matthew 7:12.
  2. Gambling violates the work ethic of the Bible by promising much for nothing.
  3. Gambling take a disproportionate amount from those least able to afford it.
  4. Gambling must ensure that more than half of the money bet is lost.
  5. Gambling really does take bread out of the mouths of children.
  6. Gambling creates addiction. Why else would every state have to create gambling abuse hotlines?
  7. Gambling is expensive to police and administer.
  8. Gambling revenues, like taxes, fall in a recession.

On an on we could go. Gambling serves no one but  the managers. Watch the contributions received by our state legislators and see who is in the pocket of gambling interests. NOW is the time to contact your representative and say NO!

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