In 2006 I began Preacher’s Study Blog, a repository of almost 1,000 short, bulletin-length articles. Many of these first appeared in the church bulletin at the Eastern Shore Church of Christ. Many of the articles have been copied and have run on other sites and in other church publications. Longer articles were dropped there from time to time, but the shorter articles were the focus.

in 2024, I moved the blog here to bryantevans.com. I made the move to simplify things technically and to avoid the idea that I was trying to “preach at people.”

If you wish to submit a question or comment you may do so by emailing me at bryant at bryantevans dot com. Of course you know to clean up that address and make it into a usable form.

Thank you for your visit. My hope is to stimulate your thinking and turn you to the Bible as the source of all the answers.